NFL Promotions

American football is a great game with loads of plays, and naturally bettors are more often than not likely to jump into the gravy train. The sport is particularly lucrative for in-play betting, keeping you hooked during the interludes. There are a myriad number of lines to bet, from the match or series winners to touchdown scorers, number of points or touchdowns, half and quarter betting and so many more selections per event. This inevitably leads to lots of special offers from betting companies who want to funnel in as many new customers as they can from the competition. This is a comprehensive list of all the lucrative and you-blink-your-eye-its-gone deals you can find in the NFL.


Stake a pre-game single selection bet on the Money Line selection for any NFL game and if the team you pick goes up 14 points ahead at any time during the game and this bookmaker will payout your bet as an early winner. This offer is only available to pre-game single stakes on the Money Line 2Way market for any game in the league including Super Bowls. Unfortunately, it is not applicable where a bet has been fully cashed out. If the bet placed has only been partially cashed out and your team leads by the required amount of points, the particular selection will be settled even though the other selections are still active.

This selection is only available for first timers and eligible players at Bet365.


This bookmaker may change their offer from time to time but you can be certain there’ll be at least one offer each and every week from the beginning of the NFL season to the Super bowl. The offer could be a free bet promo, such as $5 on a game and get free $5 in play. This bookmaker may also offer refunds such as their “two-minute-rush” refund promo where if your bet is up at the two minute warning but loses, your stake will be refunded in full up to a maximum $30. Now isn’t that great? Note that this refund is not given in cash but returned to you as a free bet.


When you bet a player to score the first touchdown and the player goes on to score another during the course of the game, this bookmaker will double the odds of your bet giving you x2 of your winnings. Hat-trick heaven is the same for double delight but they go one step further to triple your earnings should your player score a third touchdown. The extra money in cash for both bets has a floor limit of $4000 and the triple offer is for NFL games that are live on Sky Sports.


The NFL cannot resist Ladbrokes and the feeling is mutual. This bookie sometimes enhances the prices for both Super bowl winners and individual matches. They are also known to offer touchdown specials.